Jalyce Hurtado

Chiropractic Assistant

Hey guys! My name is Jalyce, jay-lease is how you’d say it. I’ve been at In8Love Wellness for about 2 months and love everything this office has to offer! The vibe, the services, the doctors, but most important the patients. Being at In8Love has helped me grow as an individual but more as a mom; consistently being on me feet, fast paced atmosphere, and great customer service! I hope to learn more here throughout my years to come.

One interesting fact about me is that I actually have a Criminal Justice degree but decided to switch professions once I had Ezra (baby boy), considering the fact that he suffered with left torticolis

Now I love teaching new patients their exercises! So if you see me around the office, don’t be afraid to ask me to remind you of your exercises, or even just to say HEY!


$149 New Patient Special

On your first visit to In8love Wellness Center, you'll receive a comprehensive examination in order to address all your health concerns. Dr. Tanya will perform digital x-rays as needed, and provide a thorough explanation of chiropractic care and how it can benefit you. This special includes a follow-up visit to go over all exam and x-ray findings, during which Dr. Tanya will recommend a care plan customized to you.