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Los Angeles Chiropractor Teaches Proper Posture and Ergonomic Habits for Pain Relief and Prevention

Los Angeles chiropractor Dr. Reynolds knows most people would rather avoid pain than need post-injury pain relief treatment. So, she spends time teaching patients proper posture and ergonomic techniques to keep the spine correctly aligned for optimum health. These tips are safe and effective for everyone in the family: from parent to baby, and a child of any age. Schedule an appointment for posture correction care today: 310-477-3335.

Proper Sitting Posture

Whether at your desk, in a car, or on the couch, use these tips for proper posture while sitting.

  • Position yourself in your seat with your back straight, buttocks at the back/base of the chair, head and shoulders over your hips.
  • Use a lumbar cushion.
  • Adjust your chair so your knees bend at 90-degrees with feet comfortably resting on the floor or footrest.

Our chiropractor has many other computer desk ergonomics tips, so just ask!

The Ergonomic Way to Text

  • Prop your elbows on your chest, desk, table or cushion so you can look straight ahead at your mobile device—don’t look down!
  • Use a hands-free Bluetooth setup to talk on the phone without craning your neck.
  • Don’t type lengthy emails or texts from your phone.

From Work to Workouts: Ergonomic Correction for Injury Prevention

If you must stand or lift heavy objects, follow these ergonomic tips to prevent injury:

  • Stand with your back straight, your shoulders back, but relaxed. Keep your head in line, over your shoulders, not leaning forward.
  • Keep your abs tight.
  • Wear supportive footwear for your activity.
  • If you need to lift something heavy, keep your back straight and bend your knees. Get help if you need it!
  • Don’t lock your knees if you need to stand for long periods: shift your weight and march in place or take frequent stretching and walking breaks.

Chiropractic Care for Posture Correction

From sleep to sports, from sitting to standing, posture and ergonomic habits can significantly impact how you feel. Chiropractic care provides gentle, safe posture correction that accomplishes pain relief and helps you and everyone in your family experience improved health and wellness.

Visit the Chiropractor Los Angeles Families Trust

Schedule an appointment today with Los Angeles chiropractor Dr. Reynolds for pain relief treatment and injury prevention for the whole family: 310-477-3335. And follow us on Facebook for regular ergonomics and posture correction tips!

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