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Who is In8love Wellness?

At In8Love Wellness, our expert team cultivates a full package experience that addresses the unique needs of each individual patient. Our rehabilitation protocol is results oriented, that creates lasting change in the health of your spine and well being. Getting adjusted is only part of treatment, we provide monthly classes that teach you proper posture and sleep positioning, vibration plates for improvement of muscle memory, gravitational and dip traction exercises that enhance neck function, as well as rotational chairs to loosen tightness in your spine. We treat patients who have or are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or muscular tension. You may also be seeking pain relief following an accident, injury, or if you suffer from chronic back pain or a a spinal condition. In8Love Wellness aims to heal, and by receiving chiropractic care with us, we will treat the root cause and help to improve your overall health, and attain your everyday wellness goals!

Meet The Team

$149 New Patient Special



$149 New Patient Special

On your first visit to In8love Wellness Center, you'll receive a comprehensive examination in order to address all your health concerns. Dr. Tanya will perform digital x-rays as needed, and provide a thorough explanation of chiropractic care and how it can benefit you. This special includes a follow-up visit to go over all exam and x-ray findings, during which Dr. Tanya will recommend a care plan customized to you.