Women, Wine, and Wellness Part 2

Women, Wine, and Wellness Part 2

If you read our blog, you’ve already heard us mention our annual event in honor of our female patients. This year’s Women, Wine, and Wellness will be held on Wednesday, October 18th at 7pm.

The festivities will include 30 minutes of mingling, wine, and hors d’ouevres, followed by presentations from some incredible minds in the areas of health and well being. Today we introduce our final presenter and reveal why I’m so excited to have her share her mission.

Body Contouring with Sharisse Fine

Sharisse has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. Her passion for helping people look and feel their best utilizing a more holistic approach is what sparked her curiosity about the Strawberry Laser Lipo. After extensive research and education, she discovered that the Strawberry Laser is top of its class as the simplest and safest, non-invasive Body Contouring treatment.

Sharisse has personally seen staggering results when medical practitioners use this device on their patients. The system is FDA-cleared and essentially reduces the size of fat cells without damaging or destroying them. I tried a treatment myself, and lost between two and three inches off my waist the very first time. The best part was that it was pain-free and required no recovery time! I’m so impressed, in fact, that it’s only a matter of months before we will be offering Strawberry Laser Lipo treatments here in our office.

While these treatments are not meant as a quick fix for anyone who is severely overweight, they will effectively reduce the size and appearance of stubborn areas such as the lower belly, triceps, thighs, and buttocks. Therefore, the people who get the best results are those who already live a healthy lifestyle, but simply want a tweak or two to feel their absolute best.

Imagine looking in the mirror and feeling empowered. Success begets success. When you start to believe you look amazing, you will continue down the path towards self-improvement—and that’s why we love this device. I compare a treatment to calling that special friend who always lifts your spirits. When you walk out of a session, you can’t help but feel great! So make sure you grab your seat early for Sharisse’s fascinating presentation.

* * * * *

We will also have fun activities (photo booth and tarot readings, anyone?) and awesome treats and gifts from Healthy Living Essential Oils, Art Delectables Luxury Organic Cheesecake Co., Light & Grace Jewels, and VitaLife Organics—my own line of vitamin- and mineral-infused beauty products. Space for the event is limited, so call the office today at 310-477-3335 to reserve your spot.


$149 New Patient Special

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